26 Fun Things to Do When on a Budget

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This month I have to pay my car insurance (6 months worth) & the registration for my car so I’m on a pretty tight budget. Rather than dwelling on it I wanted to make a list of all the fun cheap or free things to do while I’m saving money. Plus it helps me from stressing the F out. I think it is really important to find time as an adult to HAVE FUN! The work grind can be pretty taxing especially if you feel like you aren’t getting paid enough so it is important to maintain your self care so you don’t burn out. What do you do when you are on a budget but still want to go out and have a good time?

  1. Get Culture Passes (In AZ there is a program where if you get a library card at any PHX Library you can “rent” passes for free for a ton of different things i.e. Science Centers, Museums, Japanese Friendship Garden, Desert Botanical Garden, & much more -check your local library to see if they offer something similar)
  2. Picnic in the park w/ Frisbee & other sports + bringing your pup & putting them on a lead that digs into the ground. Looks like this!
  3. Home movie marathon- get set up with popcorn, homemade snacks, & your favorite beverage
  4. Video Games (my bf & I’s favorites are Worms & Halo for the Xbox 360- yes I know, I’m outdated)
  5. Board & Card Games (Cards Against Humanity, Clue, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Pass the Pigs, etc)
  6. Pool day + BBQ (we buy meat in bulk to freeze for days like this & you save a ton of money)
  7. Truth or Dare Phone App w/ friends + adult drinks 😉
  8. Find art festivals or free events to wander around (dtphx.org is great for finding events & I’m sure most cities have similar sites to post events on)
  9. Go hiking or camping
  10. Paint & Wine Night
  11. DIY project
  12. Take Buzzfeed quizzes but take turns with your partner & compare results!
  13. Take personality tests w/ your partner or a friend to get to know each other better (myers-briggs, Enneagram, Love Language, etc)
  14. Do a puzzle
  15. Print out some adult coloring sheets
  16. Go rollerblading, biking, or skateboarding
  17. Read a book or a magazine
  18. Find a new hobby to learn or perfect an old hobby
  19. Knit or sew something
  20. Check out volunteermatch.org to find a volunteer opportunity to give back to your community (soup kitchen, animal shelter, assisting the elderly w/ getting groceries, etc)
  21. Watch an episode of Jeopardy w/ a friend & actively participate to try to win!
  22. Go to a local lake or pond (paddle board & kayak rentals are pretty cheap-you can even find groupons for them too!)
  23. Treat yourself to an at home spa day w/ products you already have or make your own! (Pinterest is great for finding homemade spa item recipes)
  24. Take your camera out and pretend to be a photographer for a day & see if you can capture any cool moments
  25. Find a scavenger hunt online & do it around your city
  26. Find a local coffee shop that offers live music & grab a cup of joe

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash



After Work Yoga Flow

I’ve been trying to do more yoga regularly versus one day a week. I realized that I really enjoy doing yoga right after work to let go of everything that happened in the day to help me wind down. It is especially nice to do in the evenings to prevent soreness the next day from my lunch workout. So roll out your mat, be kind to yourself, and STRETCH but don’t forget to breathe! 😉 If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

Yoga Flow #2

Song: Say My Name – Odesza

Please comment below if you would like me to type up all the poses I flowed through. Notice that I added a vinyasa between some poses to get my heart rate back up and to keep my body warm. My hamstrings and hips were extremely tight so I like to get sweating so they loosen up. I incorporated a lot of hip openers and hamstring stretches due to being sore from leg day + it helps contradict working a desk job and sitting for long periods of time.

How To Start A Healthy Habit (& stick to it!)

picStudies say that once you have made it to 21 days you have formed a habit; now how do you get there?

If you are considering starting a new healthy habit…good news, you are halfway there! Psychologists believe that when trying to make a change in your life  you go through a cycle called the “The stages of change,” also known as the Transtheoretical model. Within the Transtheoretical model there are five different stages: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance- each stage is self explanatory but click here to learn more.

Quick Rundown of Stages of Change:

If you are already thinking about changing a habit then you are most likely in either the contemplation stage or the preparation stage, which are malleable stages, meaning you are motivated to change.

If you were to be in the precontemplation stage, you would not be considering a change nor would you think there is anything wrong with said behavior.

As for action, this means steps have already been taken to change the behavior and you are currently working on your end goal.

Maintenance phase is where you have achieved your goals but are actively working everyday to maintain your progress and achievements.

Now that you have an idea of the Transtheoretical model you can determine which phase you are in and tailor your goals to match that stage of change. For instance, if you are in the contemplation stage you might need a little bit more convincing and motivation in order for you to achieve your goals.

8 Tips for starting a healthy habit (or stopping a bad habit):

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Bullet Journal Layout for April

Bullet journaling is a DIY planner/to-do list/journal that you can add your artistic touch to. I find bullet journaling to be the best way to keep track of pretty much all things health and a way to add some balance to my life. I set my layout for my bullet journal each month and customize it depending on what taks/goals I am working on for that month. The pictures below are for the month of April.


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