Yoga Flow #2

Song: Say My Name – Odesza

Please comment below if you would like me to type up all the poses I flowed through. Notice that I added a vinyasa between some poses to get my heart rate back up and to keep my body warm. My hamstrings and hips were extremely tight so I like to get sweating so they loosen up. I incorporated a lot of hip openers and hamstring stretches due to being sore from leg day + it helps contradict working a desk job and sitting for long periods of time.

Monday Meal Plan & Workout

Selfie from Saturday night because I was feeling good 🙂

Back Workout:

Wide Grip Pull Ups – 4 x 6 (Used assisted machine with 30lbs)

Single Arm Bent Row– 3 x 6-8- (I used 27.5lbs)

Lat Pull Downs – 4 x 10 (I used 75lbs on the first set & 70lbs on the rest)

Declined Sit Ups w/ 25 lbs plate – 4 x 10 (lets be honest, I totally dropped the plate on my last set because I was dying so if the plate is too much for you don’t use it!)

Click the exercise for a link on how to do it!

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Lunch Break Workout (40 Mins)

IMG_6919If you are looking to squeeze in a workout but don’t have a lot of time combo exercises (training more than one muscle group) are your new best friend!

I hit the gym on my lunch breaks at work; I have to keep things simple and effective because I only get about 40-50 minutes. Also, I don’t do that much cardio for that reason and have found weight training to more effective than cardio. Due to this reason, I lean towards incorporating combo exercises where I can feel the burn and get my heart rate up. I tend to rest for 1 – 1 1/2 mins in between sets but listen to your body if you need more or you can shorten it if you prefer less rest. 

This is one of the workouts I have planned for myself later in the week and wanted to share! Eventually, I will film or take pictures of tutorials of exercises but for right now I have linked youtube videos to each.

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