Last Minute Homemade Gifts for the Holidays

IMG_6239It can be so hard to find good gifts for your loved ones that are thoughtful and within your budget. I usually like to purchase something small and then make a homemade gift that is unique and useful. This year I decided to make essential oil rollers, sore muscle rub, and knitted washcloths.

For the essential oil rollers I found a basic recipe for diluting essential oils from this website, purchased some rollers from amazon, and then also came up with some of my own essential oil blends.

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DIY Terrariums


About a week ago Tyler and I went to a plant shop called Dig It and got a house plant, some seeds, a bulb, lavender plant, rosemary plant, and a mini terrarium kit. This little kit was $15 buckets and very simply instructions that consisted of 4 steps. The kit came with hydro stones, moss, soil, and the terrarium itself.

I bought a 8 pack of terrarium plants from Amazon, which actually came with 9 plants which I thought was awesome and good karma!

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