Learn About Your Dosha

IMG_6618“Humans have five sense organs and can therefore perceive the world in five distinct ways” -The Ancient Indian Healing Art-Scott Gerson MD

Today’s topic is about a form of medicine that I mentioned in my previous post called Ayurvedic medicine. One of the main concepts is that you base your health care off of what “dosha” you are. The information I am sharing with you below is based off of when I studied alternative medicine in college and the book Ayurveda – The Ancient Indian Healing Art by Scott Gerson MD. 

Any of the information below in quotes is cited from the book linked above.

Dosha is basically an energy inside the body that is believed to circulate all through the body. Doshas are like personality types for your body that are linked to the five basic elements within the Earth. These elements include space, air, fire, water, and earth.

The Five Elements of Ayurvedic Medicine are referred to as Pancha Mahabhutas (the sanskrit name). These elements are:

  • Akasha (ether/space)
  • Vayu (air)
  • Tejas (fire)
  • Jala (water)
  • Prthivi (earth)

The five elements also tie into the sense organs of the body:

Space– hearing

Air– touch

Fire– sight

Water– taste


“The term ‘dosha’ means that which darkens or causes things to decay’- this reflects the fact that when the doshas are out of balance they can be the main causative forces in the disease process.” – Scott Gerson MD

 The three dosha names are vata, pitta, and kapha. The doshas are derived out of the five mahabhutas (elements) and are considered the three primary energetic principles which assist with regulating physiological and psychological processes.

Meanings of each Dosha

Vata– is a sanskrit word meaning “that which moves things” – for example, this dosha is responsible for the movement of air in and out of the lungs, blood through the circulatory system, and thoughts that flow in and out of the mind.

Pitta– is a sanskrit word meaning “that which digests things” and is responsible for chemical and metabolic reactions that occur within your body. An example of this is, heat productions, the digestive system, and it allows for us to understand different ideas as well as stimulates our intellect.

Kapha– is a sanskrit word meaning “that which holds things together” that provides support and strength to the body.  This dosha structures everything from a single cell to the entire skeletal/muscular system. This dosha can provide resistance to disease as well as support the healing process.

The Elements That Tie Into Your Dosha:

Vata- is a combination of space and air

Pitta- is a combination of fire and water

Kapha- is a combination of water and earth

Our bodies have each of the three doshas within us but there is a main dosha that rules our overall personality and body. Once you have discovered which dosha rules your body (or if you are tridoshic this means that you are ruled by a balance of all three) you can tailor your self care to your dosha.

I know it sounds far fetched, like a horoscope for your body, but there are ancient practices that prove focusing care on your dosha can improve your overall health.

Click here for a quiz that can figure out what Dosha!  You can then learn about ways to figure out how to incorporate your Dosha to improve your overall health.

Here is a chart for Doshas if you prefer a visual instead of taking a quiz.


What Dosha are you?


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