Bullet Journal Layout for April

Bullet journaling is a DIY planner/to-do list/journal that you can add your artistic touch to. I find bullet journaling to be the best way to keep track of pretty much all things health and a way to add some balance to my life. I set my layout for my bullet journal each month and customize it depending on what taks/goals I am working on for that month. The pictures below are for the month of April.


^On the left is my monthly view & the right is the beginning of my weekly view. I like to record memories or significant moments that have happened on certain days (i.e. went to the park & played frisbee w/ friends, was able to help a family in need at work, went rock climbing, etc)

^Click to enlarge the images

^This is my habit tracker-now a little disclaimer, I have OCD so I track many thing so this might seem a little extreme. This page is actually one of my coping skills for my OCD. The typical things most people track are water consumption, steps, exercise, vitamins, sleep, etc.


^I use this page to take time everyday to write something that I am grateful for. My job tends to leave me stressed and feeling a little hopeless sometimes (that’s just the work, I promise I love my job) so I ABSOLUTELY love this page. It makes me smile whenever I flip to it and it leaves me feeling a little bit more grounded.

A bullet journal is your way to release all of your thoughts, emotions, and creativity. Treat it like you are making art work and I promise that it will turn into something memorable. I love listing my goals, dreams, memories, adding sketches, or adding things I have saved from a vacation. This journal is for YOU and no one else so fill it with things that either make you happy and maintain your mental health. Do you bullet journal?


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