DIY Terrariums


About a week ago Tyler and I went to a plant shop called Dig It and got a house plant, some seeds, a bulb, lavender plant, rosemary plant, and a mini terrarium kit. This little kit was $15 buckets and very simply instructions that consisted of 4 steps. The kit came with hydro stones, moss, soil, and the terrarium itself.

I bought a 8 pack of terrarium plants from Amazon, which actually came with 9 plants which I thought was awesome and good karma!


^The remaining plants after the first terrarium I made.

The last time I made a terrarium it died within a few months and I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong, This kit made me realize that I had the steps all wrong and I’m posting the steps now so I will remember for next time.

  1. Add stones to the bottom of the terrarium, preferable ones that assist with soaking up excess water,
  2. Add a thin layer of moss
  3. Add soil
  4. Add the plants of your choice and mist to water

I ended up creating two terrariums out of the kit with a little help from some extra soil and stones that I had.


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